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Development and Construction

With each project our aim is to create a stunning new development which not only sells or rents at a premium but which we can be proud of. This is why with each new project we stick to our proven East Eight development framework:
  • Unique, thrilling architect plans which maximise the potential in each development
  • Beautiful, strong interior design with personality, rather than the blank shell most developers offer
  • High-end finish with the best quality materials and appliances including Bulthaup kitchens, marble surfaces and more
  • Part-furnished to add unique detail and create a picture of luxury
  • Total grounds package: each exterior impresses as much as the interior
  • Working with local planners to ensure every detail is within regulation
  • Working closely with selected estate agents, ensuring we get the best deal whether selling or renting

Financing deals

Flexibility is a key focus of East Eight and allows us to do a wider range of projects and involve ourselves in more interesting opportunities within the London market. We therefore use a variety of financing methods, depending on the nature of the project:
  • Bank finance – we retain close relationships with UK banks who trust us to deliver a superb product
  • Cash – we use cash for property deals which need to be undertaken quickly
  • Joint ventures – we are strong advocates of joint partnerships and have an active network of high net worth individuals
  • Investor finance – whether armchair, active or based overseas, we work with a number of investors who inject funds into one or more of our projects for a portion of the profits.
If you would like to know more about East Eight, contact us now to meet with us.