Stop Posting, Start Storytelling – What Happened at #PROPERTYGOLIVE

Last month we put on our first skills workshop #PROPERTYGOLIVE. Why? Because, when people ask how we crowdfunded Hoxton development Paintworks to the value of £1m in four and a half hours with crowdfunding partners Simple Equity, it’s polite to give up the goods! Social media – specifically using platforms Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and most recently Snapchat have been a huge part of growing a reputable property brand which inspires trust. People could see our track record (we have so much more to add to that now), get to know what kind of team we are, who Nicole Bremner is as a developer, be inspired, and as a result, make choices no longer based purely on a dry figures sheet.

#PROPERTYGOLIVE – A Day of Creating Valuable Live Content

The whole purpose of the workshop was to support and encourage property professionals to think outside the box with their online marketing, going live on social media platforms with new skills and confidence. We were joined by a range of individuals from estate agents Amit Jethwa / Arlington Estates and Neil Mangan / Home Xperts to Fiona Childerstone / Property Investment News and Brendan Quinn / Central London Property Meet. The day was spent getting really comfortable with the most used live video platforms, and creating some brilliant on-brand content.

The Expert: Rob Lee / Relative Links

In the instructor’s seat was Rob Lee from Relative Links. Rob has run team workshops and devised campaigns for a variety of big-name brands including Plan International, How’s My Driving, Quidco, Wahaca and The Salvation Army Housing Association. I met Rob last year [2016] at his Snapchat for Business workshop in Farringdon. Both Nicole and myself knew of Snapchat, but really wanted to know what it was about on a business level (not sexting, we hoped) and, with our already active social media presence on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and blogging, whether it was something we actually ‘needed’ to take up as well. In that workshop came the central understanding of this whole idea…


At the workshop, Rob gave us something not often drawn upon in social media workshops – the storyboard sheet. Suddenly, it really wasn’t about ‘posting content,’ it was about creating stories. The story of our brand. The story of our values. The stories from yesterday on site, and the stories from today at the fundraising meeting. Stories about what’s important right now in property. Other people’s stories. Nicole’s story (always a good one to tell). This was the game-changer when it came to our engagement with social media. A totally different way of using these free tools to engage with the world. Once we had our heads around that, it was just about starting to use the techniques.

Fast forward to this year and, with Nicole’s success using these and some of our own techniques across many platforms, and being able to show three successful crowdfunds as evidence of the value of social media and #proptech, we hooked up with Rob to put on the workshop to help others get their profiles and their projects out there in the same way.

5 Tips to Start Storytelling

1. Go live. Take a deep breath, remember everyone is ok with live, and start speaking to your device camera.

2. Show. If you work in property, no doubt there is much around you physically to show the viewer, even if that’s just an appraisal sheet.

3. Practise. Daily. Before you go live, have a run through and not just in your mind – out loud. Are you telling a story? does it have a beginning, middle and an end? What would come after this?

4. Invite others. Partners, colleagues, clients, event hosts – all these people make storytelling richer and show your valuable network.

5. Be imperfect. This kind of storytelling is almost like sitting around a campfire. You might forget some stuff. It’s going to look raw and be a little noisy. That’s all exactly as it should be. Try to remember to introduce yourself though (Jane and Marina!).


Sell. Not what this is about. You wouldn’t go to the cinema to watch a 2hr advert.

Rinse, repeat. Do different stories, varying content regularly.

Panic. It’s easy when you know how – join us on our next workshop for skills and support. Scroll down for details.


Think value – what would viewers really benefit from hearing about, that you already know about?

Some spontaneous stories, some planned.

Go live often. Eventually everyone will be on video. Be there now and stand out from the crowd!

Integrity Clause!

It’s all good putting stories out there, but the brand value has to be real. As Nicole Bremner says about social media:

‘This will solidify your position as a reputable property professional who people will want to work with. But only if you really are that person.

Don’t pretend to be what you’re not. People will see straight through it. Your reputation is on the line. Guard it fiercely and operate with the highest level of integrity and transparency. If you do this, your investors will be the same.’

Join us at the next #PROPERTYGOLIVE

Our next #PROPERTYGOLIVE workshop is live! Follow the link below to join us in May or July 2017 and:

  • Raise your profile so investors and partners come to you
  • Create a buzz around your property business
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Reach a global audience
  • Create HUGE opportunities and collaborations



See you there!

Marina Conway-Gordon