5 Things That Make an Awesome Property Brand

Real estate is a busy market and to join this game the brand needs to pack a serious punch. Let East Eight take you through five property brand highflyers. Get ready for brand envy…

1. Simplicity – Portico

This is arguably the best logo to come out of property in the last few years. Except ours, of course. The result of a rebrand from Spencers and Phillip Leigh, once Edmund Cude & Bushells (you can see why) to Portico, this is a great example of where less is so much more. Stylish yet simple and one word, it says to me fashionable high-end service rather than mass market, and something about being frank too. Portico pride themselves first and foremost on being knowledgeable, which funnily enough is not, or was not, a flag being waved clearly by other agents. In Portico’s words ‘We discovered that customers particularly liked the insightful approach that Edmund Cude took to helping landlords understand their obligations and vendors understand their local market dynamics.’ By appearance it’s not really making any promises either – which could be seen negatively I suppose, however aren’t you tired of being over-promised and under-delivered to anyway? This brand seems to simplify that issue too.  I’m in.

2. Information: LendInvest

There are some things which simply need explaining, and lending is, in my opinion, definitely one of them. It’s not simple, especially if you’re starting out or expanding, and most people want to just get through it unscathed. LendInvest seems to understand this better than anyone, and, without sending you to sleep, continue to produce useful, interesting, clarifying information on products, the lending market, property trends, and anything actually relevant to debt. They’ve taken this further by starting up LendInvest Academy which holds courses and workshops, positioning themselves as experts. Other property brands which use intellectual property to their advantage:

Cogress Ltd
REalyse – See the market before the market

3. Purpose – WeWork

You could be forgiven for thinking that WeWork is a successful coworking brand. ‘Look forward to Mondays with workspace designed for fresh ideas, organic networking, and month-to-month flexibility.’ Actually what WeWork really is is a real estate research company. According to, well, other research, they collect and collate data from office use trends which not only informs their overall product but is a hugely valuable asset sellable in almost every sector and across the world. They also aim to build a community, holding events from cheese-tastings to happy hours where they can have all their customers connecting with each other under their brand, like a club. This is a powerful brand concept not always done successfully so we’ll see how it goes on with WeWork. Check out also WHY WEWORK THINKS IT’S WORTH $20 BILLION – https://www.wired.com/story/this-is-why-wework-thinks-its-worth-20-billion/

4. Personality – East Eight

So this is us obviously (sorry). We’ve now raised almost £6m in crowdfunding, mostly down to our marketing and social media presence. We never sat down as a team and thought, ‘right, we’re going to be really out there and personal and do lots of social media stories featuring ourselves, and it’s going to create a feeling in people that they know us.’ This is what happened though and it came out of us, gradually, sometimes reluctantly, as we got to know ourselves and each other within East Eight. We quickly realised we all had a similar attitude to people and goals, life in general, fun, and most importantly, a similar sense of humour. Thank God for that, eh?

In terms of conducting business, it’s so much easier to just talk straight to people and we found that this, our natural approach anyway, actually perfectly fitted our property development brand and way of working. We don’t talk up to investors, or down to peers. Nobody shuts anybody down, and there are very few rules. Our motto for some time now continues to be ‘prolific, not perfect.’ It helps us to stop judging ourselves and others and be productive no matter the weather. Or outfit fail. As an all-female team we can’t be ‘swinging dicks’ but in any case we don’t do that either…

East Eight’s brand personality: Cheeky, transparent, creative, irreverent, fun, disruptive.

5. Adaptablility – Rightmove


Late last year Rightmove rebranded, updating the colours and typographic slightly but more importantly adding a slogan which would change the whole feel and purpose of the brand, bringing it strongly into today’s personal and emotional marketing landscape. Previously ‘Rightmove – the UK’s number one property site,’ its brand boasting biggest-and-best-at to gain its customers, it was then changed to ‘rightmove – find your happy.’ Aligning its customers goals to the brand’s own purpose so directly was a brillliant move, transforming the company from a typical ‘high-performing database’ brand to a very much more human, emotional brand. The property particulars are now accompanied by the promise of actually finding what you’re looking for. And it solves a problem – what’s exciting about a high-performing database at the end of the day? (Ok you can argue with me later about that). What’s exciting about finally being happy at home though? Err, everything.

So does your brand really share the goals of your clients? This is what it comes down to in the end. Whether that’s more of an aspirational, lifestyle theme or an emotional, problem-solving one. What works less and less it seems are bland, corporate-feeling, one-dimensional brands which although good at horn-blowing, are boring and fall short on the experience they offer.

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Marina Conway-Gordon

BDM, Brand and Marketing Manager @ East Eight