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Mentoring with Nicole Bremner

First things first. Do you need a property mentor?

There is now a huge range of property education available, covering everything from step-by-step guides to getting started in property, to increasing profit, and everything in between. There are also a great many property professionals now offering mentoring, some of them promising huge bank balances in a short space of time. Neither of these constitutes our approach. Nicole’s successful property acumen grew mostly from a very simple course of action – getting out there and doing it! We therefore encourage you to consider what you really need from the mentoring before getting in touch.

What can mentoring with Nicole help with?

–> Comparing and analysing property and business strategies with access to a selection of our live projects
–> Raising your profile so people come to you, both online and in national networks
–> Assessing and refreshing your USP
–> Scaling up your business through:
*Mastering partnerships & JVs
*Changing strategy
*Taking advantage of the current market
–> Building a strong brand and team

–> Overcoming cash flow and forecast challenges

Nicole’s approach

Mentoring, not education
Empowerment, not instruction
Entrepreneurial career vs. risk and fast money

Before you get in touch…

Get to know Nicole’s projects and join us online by following Nicole Bremner, East Eight and London Central Developments. We regularly hold events, tours, and post videos of our sites and partners over all our social media platforms:

Facebook Pages: @NicoleSBremner / @easteightpropertydevelopment / @LondonCentralDevelopments
YouTube: East Eight
Twitter: @NicoleBremner / @E8_Developments / @LC_Developments
Snapchat: nsbremner / marinavision / jscroggsy
Instagram: nsbremner / e8_developments / lc_developments
LinkedIn: Nicole Bremner

Can anyone mentor with Nicole?

Due to project commitments, we only take on a few mentees each year. It’s important as well that the relationship fits. If you are serious about property and ready to work hard and play the long game for a rewarding career in property, fill out the questionnaire below now and Project Manager Marina will give you a call to discuss.
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